Home removals London: Vehicle, helpers

Since the own “possessions” usually exceeds the capacity of a normal small car, it is extremely important for the day of the move to organize a truck or a van. Many moving companies advertise classified reasonable and courteous services. The car can be mostly rented with or without drivers, if one is not, or acquaintances have a driving license.

In the car rental is important to make sure what price you pay for each kilometre and travel costs, which will be taken. When booking a driver must distinguish between an hourly fee and daily rate. It can also be cheaper if the driver is arrived by car from the target of the move and this is approximately his company at the end of the day. In addition, the driver’s help is not always the price of it, so the comparison of offers is helpful. Before you set off with the rented car, you should have made sure of the safety.

House removals London – helpers

To get a move swiftly across the stage, you cannot do it without helpers. Therefore, the day of the move should always be previously discussed with the potential helpers, so that they can note. When moving to a distant area, it may happen that for the helpers of the distance is too far. The advantage of excellent organization is it that you particularly when moving to remote area, you can assign the task to professionals. Helpers need to be kept happy, so some cups of coffee and sandwiches should be planned in your budget. Because if the workers are in a good mood, a relaxed atmosphere and it makes work easier.

Home removals London – When the day came

• Provide survival case with documents, keys, etc. aside
• Instruct helpers
• Cover floors and fixtures with tarpaulin
• Final cleaning of the apartment and the stairwell
• Empty mailbox
• Disassemble nameplates
• Read electricity, gas and so on
• Handover preparation with a protocol in which the meter readings for electricity etc. are included
• Transfer with tenant / property owner recorded; keys