Home removals London: The Moving Checklist

Therefore, you do not forget anything! If the date of the move is getting closer, the tension rises. Place in a pre-move checklist determines which tasks you need to do when – then you can look forward to the move left. A Moving Checklist should be very detailed. It covers a period of about three months before moving to the date of change of residence. On the individual items of the list, such as our timely notice of termination, the packing of the boxes and the organization of the forwarding or moving van and the volunteers.

House removals London – Early planning pays off

Who is in early with the move, will save you some stress. The better the change of residence is prepared, the more relaxed and the actual move will take place. This includes, for example, that you apply for a special permit for a no-stopping zone or change your electricity supplier. Even the little things – There are many little things that need to be considered when moving – which makes a moving checklist almost inevitable. It is important as a review of the transport routes: Does not fit the closet by the stairs, it must be disassembled prior to the day of the move. Also, check in time if you need to obtain and interpret a cover for delicate floors.

Home removals London and Transport

For a faster transport of boxes and furniture should be organized handcarts Decks, either in families and acquaintances. Since heavy boxes represent a not to be underestimated risk of accidents, special safety footwear should be worn, which can also purchase or rent through classified ads can be used for security. In addition, gloves are recommended for heavy furniture.

House Removals London Preparing

• Similarly, the aim of the move must be prepared for this day, so the transportation of moving boxes can begin immediately upon arrival.
• The doors should be consistent in order to have more space for bulky furniture.
• The parquet or laminate floor must be covered, as the removal men will not be able to take off their shoes at every step.
• In addition, the future neighbours should be informed.